Monday, August 27, 2012

One year break and now Im back :D

Its been a year that I've updated my blog and I know It've been the shittiest blog you've ever seen.  please blame on my boring life that I have nothing to share with my lovedubs here. or you can just put the blame on '' part or just put the blame on Akon la *sorry,*. But the most important is, please blame it on me for neglecting my blog for such a long time due to extremely high level of 'lazyness'. haha. SORRY, PLEASE AND  PLEASE FORGIVE ME *sambil melutut*
Now, done with the 'IM SORRY" part :D
I had a real boring life in SI. I know it have been ridiculous for saying this but I still did not have interest in this OM programme.  I just stick to it because of my parents ask me to, but I just cant deny the fact that I've still didlike this programme.  The only benefit that I can think from this programme is that I have a lot of leisure time that I next misused it to watch korean drama and reality show *running man :D* Cant you just see how lazy I am? Even reading english books who used to be my habits are currently having slowing-down-phase *sighing*
just finished watching this drama just now :D and, ITS AWESOME *hero.gigi.tak.sama.sangat.kacak.bila.senyum*
Ouh, please do pray for my fast track. I really hope that I can be placed in Selangor because I really want to be near with my family. My dad is sick, and it is really frustrating that I had to go SI and not looking after him.  He is already discharged now and when Im writting this post, my family are currently heading back to Selangor. Safe journey ahead, family <3 a.="a." du="du" font="font" for="for" people="people" thanks="thanks" you="you">
And as today's quotes remarks the end my post today
I miss having this kind of person :(
Have a good day people. Hugs.

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