Thursday, August 04, 2011

lets rise from the fall .

verily after each difficulty , there's a relief

Actually , this quotes lebih kurang sama je la ngan quotes ' setiap yang berlaku pasti ada hikmahnya ' . There was at times , I cried for the problems that appears in my life . I never think , that those two quotes is actually TRUE (: . |Aku selalu juga menangis ta tntu pasal sebab ase mcm dugaan uh kuat sgt . ta snggup na hadapinye :'( . But , to think on the bright sides , it actually helps you become stronger and stronger . You felt relief every time the prolems is solved . You felt strong when you know you can overcome those problem . And thats the things that we can't see before , things that is beneficial to us . We cried , mad ,  do all nonsense things , but we never see the benefits that came afterwards . Menangis , meraung macam na mati pdahal bru sikit ujian yang melanda diri time uh . Take an instant , those girls who are having break up with their guy would cried like nothing else matter but their boyfriend . Eventually , they become broken hearts and always put the blame on the others especially their ex guy . The real things is , they have never learn that they could actually rise up from their fall and become stronger after that . But , they would just never try . So , friends , rise up from your fall and heads a new life . You are stronger than before and trust me , for I've already gone through it . (:

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