Thursday, April 07, 2011

helman zakariah.

Should the government establish school for one gender only.Justify.

Based on the motion above, I totally disgaree with the motion which is SHOULD THE GOVERNMENT ESTABLIS SCHOOL FOR ONE GENDER ONLY. Graduating from coed school gave me  experience to believe that the coed school is much better than the single sex school education. This is because, the single sex school has more disadvantages as compared to coed school system.

The first point why the single sex school has disadvantages compared to coed scool is that the students will not be exposed to the differencesh of the gender in any aspect. The students who were raised among the same gender will not being skillful in dealing with people of different gender. For example, a village boy will surely take some time to adapt himself into a town environment. The same goes to this condition. A person who is in a single sex education will find it hard to adapt himself in a dual sex education or better known as coed school. This will then lead to the disadvantages of single sex school.

Students graduated from single sex education will also tend to have  different perception compared to the dual sex school students which usually have an open minded and thinking skill as they are being exposed to lots of things that may and may not involve gender and its differences. If it is not being handled wisely by them, it might be a source of their weakness. This weakness may have effect on their job opprtunities as they are having different mind and opinion which cause having difficulties  in communication. As their thoughts are  different from their peers, it might be hard for them to accept other people's opinion .

Single sex school also tends to develop students who are tend to be homosexual as they rarely meet people of different gender. As they do not meet  partners in a couple of time, their affection may change to people who surround them which are their own! If it is not controlled wisely by them, their affection may not change to  normal and worse still will become something permanent. This will develop personality crisis and may affect their social life and will lead to inmoral activities.

Single sex school will surely having less competitive for its students to get along with activities provided by their school. This is because, different sex carries different ability and potential. As they are obviously  different, it gets trickier and more competitive to get along with the activities. They will eventually learn to compete with each other in unhealthy manner  just to place themselves in the top. But this  rarely happens to single sex school as they are likely to have similarities among them, turning out that their true abilies to potential.. It is also a sign that their perfomance is not at their best and or just moderate.  We should give our devoted effort and with a dose of competition, we will push ourselves to do the best. Now it is common fact that girls perform better in almost every field. For example, in Malaysian universities, more than seventy percents of undergraduates are girls. If the boys remain in their own surrounding, it will be even tougher for them to compete. They will be complacent and need to be given more guidance in order for them to be independent. In future it will affect our. established social instituition.

However,  there are also benefits which exist  from this single sex school system. Facing the social problem right now, the separation of gender in school might result  in creating gap between two different genders. The larger the gap, the better, as it might lessen the probability of immoral activities such as unwanted pregnancy, abortion and baby dumping. and many others. These immoral activities between the two genders actually arise from the freedom of relationship. By lessen the chances of this type of relationship, we are actually saving our future generation by injecting noble values of life and protect them from immoral activities.

The single sex schools also enhance the focus of students as there are not much petty matters  to think of. As for the boys, they will not have to worry of being ridiculed by other boys if they didnt have  girlfriend.s They will also not spending time to think of what girls want actually from them, how to tackle  the girls or even how to be great in front of them to attract their attention. It resulted benefits not only to the boys but to the girls too as this situation can be applied to both.

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