Monday, November 08, 2010

im having a break with him..yes, we hving a fullstop.

I've never thought that this relationship will last only for two months.

I thought, at least untill Im hving my spm then.

you will never knew the feel of being in a relationship that you didnt want it to be exist at first.

you want to love him as a lover but you cant, cause your heart is alreadytaken away by someone that you could never have.

you force yourself to love him and yet, you could gve a portion of your heart now.

you wish for a dvoted love, but you know you cant gve him yours.

and when you wish a happy ending with him, you are not having them.

you have to do sacrifice just to see him happy.

just to see he is safe then.

a big sacrifice that you dont want to do but you have to.


sye rse an, sye da bnyk kli susakn awk an.da bnyk kli awk kne brkrbn ntuk, tis tyme around, its my turn.I dont want to put you in danger again cause dealing with wardens is not something easy.even for the teachers too.

so, goodbye.I'll pray the best for you.

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