Monday, September 06, 2010


the longer i be his, the more trouble i caused him

> he hve to treat me and my friends, A LOT
> he have to understand me which are very COMPLICATED
> bump into ckgu azmi when he tried to help me
> ckgu baha, ckgu zul n ckgu lan knows about us, but hey, dyeorg x kesah pun.weird!
> his whole-batch knew about us.
> and many more i couldnt state here.

why would he withstand with all the pain while he actually can stop it by breaking up wit me.
though the fact that i've tried my best to be his other part, im not even fight back when his girls batch sound me ( that is weird actually cause i'll ussually fight it back ), i'll still felt that his sacrifice is even much bigger than mine.
and somehow, the way he talk about hus ex, it feel like he still loves his ex.
ssa la.

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