Saturday, August 07, 2010

let me tell you.

3 things why i think i absolutely can't be yours

-> you are too nice, im the opposite
-> you deserve someone better
-> im am on my try to forget someone who is very important, damn important in my life.knowing that isnt easy for me, i can't let you waited for me.i've cant never let you know that you're only one of the way to forget not that mean.

so, should i accept you? accepting you means accepting you in my world, my damn life.while i cant just ignore his presence in my heart, you trying to replace trying but this almost impossible things, it needs more time.would you be okay, knowing that he still there, took a portion of my heart?would you be okay?i dont think you will.i would rather let you suffer now, instead later cause i'll know, its hurts you more than now.

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