Saturday, August 07, 2010

bestday celebration

though i refuse to celebrate it, you know, they also refuse to follow it.

a HUGE thanx dude.

alalak and ajied-cadbury crunchy with memo pad
syamim and yaya-kinder bueno and roast nut cadbury with A4 card
alya-silver packaging chocolate with wishes written on it
hannah-sweet bestday word in A4
pia-cloud nine
celan-swiss roll

and the highlights.
wa,aimi and pero-searching for me the whole night, just to celebrate it.wa and aimi gve the card late, but thanx.
awak-white kinder bueno in purple packaging with wishes written on it.
aa and dayah- i love you teddy bear, with hand writing letter and small cute card.

spe yg wish, thanx jugak!

oh guys, you complete my bestday, my life.
thanx uh.

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