Saturday, June 12, 2010

im sorry dear

this things actually tell me that bestfriend can be broke, anytime, anywhere and its true
Is it my fault that we can't be close as the old time again. Is it me that create the space between us.I might be hurt by her action but then I've tried everything to make this things better again.

Im sorry but it just, I can't pretend anymore that I didnt hurt by her action. The way she show it is clear that I cant pretend anymore. Everybody notice it, notice that she is different than the old she is.

She says it is my fault. But then i think it is her fault.

She throw me away once she got things she dreamed for

Its okay with me, she reveal herself that she might forget her BESTFRIEND once she got her boyfriend

I have to accept the fact that I might no longer in her heart despite my place was replaced by her boyfriend

and I'll pray for their happiness

I have to accept that i moght no longer her bestfriend

she have someone, beter that me, to share story with

she rather wait for him that to share story with me

she will be my lovedubs, always be.

no matter what, i still there if she ever need me.

im not going to break my promise, that we will be bestfriend forever

im not

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